Deck waterproofing

Hi Guys,
One of my general contractors asked me to waterproof a small deck before he installs his mud and slate pavers.

it is 3feet by 5 feet, it has three drip edges and meets a small single patio door.

I asked at ABC supply and the manager said a lot of guys use grace and Ice Water-shield. I have only used this in valleys etc on pitched roofs.
Does it work on Flat decks? If not what would you reccomend?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

I’ve done this with EPDM.

Ice barriers do not work for flat roofs. Your rep is an idiot.

The flat deck must be waterproofed with an appropriate membrane… PVC, TPO, or EPDM. Only then can pavers be installed.

Membrane must extend up and onto door sill, and over outside edge of 3 side of deck area as described. Then install either termination bar or drip/edge metal, whichever your particular details dictate.

No, Grace Ice and Water Shield is not the appropriate material to use here.

Thanks guys,

just what i had thought,
I am going tpo use IB PVC.

Thanks again

OOPs should read use IB PVC

Polyurea would hold up better, and you can install it up to 100 mil thick. This would then be a 100% seamless application.

I’m just sayin…

Thanks Aaronb, I will check it out