Defective G-Tape Rolls!

I used G-tape, but I think it was a defective roll. WTF???

Anybody else get a defective roll?

LOL :smiley:

Ha-Ha Frank.

That title will get his attention.


You should post a pic of those wood shingles that look really wavy!

Ed, what is the term for that type of roof?

BTW, thanks for the lead on the Minneapolis roof. Going to meet with the adjuster next Tuesday and if approved the job is mine!!! If denied he’s going to wait 1-2 years. Measured two more today in that area today. One is approved the other will be more than likely.

Nice to know I was able to go in there after he already dealth with three contractors who were more than likely salesman and won the job. What impressed him greatly was the fact that after I shook his hand last week the first thing I did was handed him two pages of refferences and the first six were homes less than a mile from his house I did last year. Don’t think any of the other three did that. What also helped land it was the ability to talk fishing for a while, LOL!!!

Great, I just lost about 10 years off my life!!!

I read that and dropped everything I was doing to see what the problem was.

Then it occured to me you got our “special” rolls, the rolls we send people that think they’re funny!

Good one.

Now spray paint the grey hairs back to their original color.


The most apprpriate name for the roling cedar is “Ocean Wave”, but slight differences, where it does not have the roling affect, is Cotswald Cottage, Or English Cotswald Cottage, Thats Style, Mushroom Roof, Gingerbread Roof, etc…

I guess it depends on who is doing it. whatever, they look way cool.


Gotchya! Musta been as bad as seeing ‘Scary Mommy’ coming, eh!?? :twisted: