Delete me please thank you

delete me please thank you

RE-18 - roof edge gutter with flange (


So attach the eaves to to catch the flat roof run off or at the bottom to catch the run off from the 80 degree slope siding? I like the EPDM build + eaves to catch the flat roof run off?

Can’t tell much from the drawing, and a mod bit gutter detail is not in my bag of tricks. I’d install an eave nailer and wrap it with aluminum/PVC coil stock. Install a 6" gutter back nailed as high as possible on the nailer. Flash at least halfway into the gutter from the roof with mod bit. Install termination bar and hidden hangers screwed through the T-bar. Fire the “designer” and ask Mr Teesla what he thinks while you get your nails done. This is a standard low slope detail completed thousands of times a day across the country.