Did I catch the Adjuster in a WRITTEN lie?

Xactimate Pro’s- can you please tell me (no guessing) what the date next to the page number represents?

It is not todays date.
It is not the date of the claim.
It is not the date they received my Invoice.

It is 2 months after work was complete!

The date it was printed.

Let me clarify. It could also be the date that the estimate was created and saved as a pdf file in a separate folder. You have the option to view an estimate before you print it and from the view screen you can actually save it as a pdf. It can then later be printed without having to go back into Xactimate to get it. If it was printed from a saved file the date would be the date it was created and saved as a separate file.

Well the timing is off anyways. I do not see a reason to have that date on this Estimate. The Adjuster did however take a trip to the South- AL or something and returned when the work was complete. Thank you for your help.