Difference of opinions

I have disagreed with many roofers on this forum. I can unequivocally say that most of them, even though we have not always seen eye to eye, I have a ton of respect for them. If I lived in Florida I would almost certainly hire Roof Lover to install my roof, based on his commitment to the trade. If I lived in Canada I would feel very comfortable using Ivoman to have my roof installed, based on his incredible knowledge and study of the trade. I’m only listing the roofers I have gone back and forth with but have great respect for them and almost all roofers on this site, based on common suffering and effort to build a successful roofing company, not easy. At this point I see there is one complete douchebag that adds nothing to the conversation. I won’t say any names but he appears to have been slapped around in a cowboy bar, possibly in my neck of the woods.


Thank you for the kind words and I am sincerely humbled. This business attracts strong minded and independent characters often coupled with big egos. Product improvements, societal shifts, technology, regulation, all are things that challenge our stubborn personas. The well of knowledge shared on this site is deep, bolstered by the unshakeable commitment we have to our livelihood.

The roofing business is by no means dead. It has a vitality that burns strong with new opportunities for those who can see it and are willing to adapt. From a trade perspective, it is challenging, recession proof, profitable and durable. From a business perspective, it is abundant, uniquely accessible and a great deal of fun.

My knowledge aggregates the wisdom of a few with whom I’ve have had the pleasure to work with over the years. Only when my ego settled, did I understand the power of their words and enjoy the rewards those words offered. Some have since passed and now I’m finding their words are echoed through my voice. To respect them, it is now my responsibility to convey their words in a manner that will not diminish the value of their message. In doing so, I must understand my audience and learn how best they too might benefit from the echo.

Our new friend has wisdom, there is no doubt about that. He just does not care to learn about the audience on this site. To coin a phrase, “Do not cut off the heads of others to make yourself appear taller.”

Let’s go Brandon!


I am a GC and browse this site from time to time. I can’t agree more with the posts above.

Thanks to both of you and the others who contribute actual and usable information.