Different options for replacing flat roof

I have Asphalt flat roof with almost no slope and is leaking badly. I am planning to replace it very soon with cost effective good materials for better life so please provide me the different options that I have and also provide me the contractors those can help me in San Francisco bay area.

so…youd like us to do ALL of your homework for you?

Maybe QRFL could help you out. Quality roofing for less

uh i think he wants us to help him with his homework, and thats kinda what we do here. thats not directed at any one person, Aaronb.

and yes the mighty Q could help if we were blesssed to still have him posting here.

but dont worry mr/ms rama_ck theres a few other wild west posters
here that give great advise and are closer to ya.
so sit tite ,grab a drink , some popcorn, and the show will start soon.

good luck.


Thank you gweedo you got what exactly I want.

Q is in San Diego. If he was in San Fran, he could surely do it.

Gweedo, what contractors do you recommend in San Francisco?

please give your roofs variables.such as building height,roof dimensions,quality of access to the roof,budget for the replacement,and post some photos.

southsidejohnys from san diego .
i thought samski was from cali also.

not that we wont be able to help mr/ms ram_ck.


I have some good contrasctors in SF. Call me at 949 378 4520 for thier info. Thanks Gweedo. My offices are in San Diego, but i work region wide. West of the rockies pretty much.

lol. i hear that san diego to san fran is like from boston to virginia. any roofer from san diego is not going to help you, though we all like Quality Roofing For Less in San Diego.

AaronB must need to get his meds adjusted… kinda cranky on this thread.

The basic idea is that the homeowner thinks someone on this thread might be able to assist & even if a respondant DOESN’T work that area, they may know someone who does.

& they asked for a few ideas on products - didn’t ask exactly how they are used, just products to look up.

Like Gweedo said, thhat’s some of what we do here.

cranky? How so?

again… no call

This is what eeks me, samskii…they do not want to do ANY of the footwork…not even that of a phone call.

519 miles. city center to city center. Lots of companies have offices and operations in the North and South. I have 3 I recommend regularly.