Dimensional over Cedar Shakes (help me write this report)

It’s been a loooooong day. We’ve got 80 degree days way before it should have hit that number & I’m tired (having two little kids can burn you out, too). Up @ 5a & still working here @ near midnight.

Today I did an inspection for a real estate sale & it’s got dimensional over cedar shakes; I estimate the dimensional has about 4 to 6 years of serviceable life left. Accellerated grit loss in select areas, some pock marking (not evidentiary of hail IMO), fiberglass matt is showing through on edges of built up dimensional components & low edge of reveal, etc.

Mentally, I’m toast & been sitting here for about 10 minutes @ a loss for words on how to discuss / explain the problems with cedar & a shingleover (outside of the property buyer either having to re-do the roof themselves & pay this expense -or- if it goes up for sale in, say 3 years, the seller will possibly have to deal with another new buyer being faced with the expense of a re-roof). This is the typical ‘purlins / cedar / shingles on top’ type layover.

FWIW, I do see various ‘trim’ problems here & there but nothing that would lead me to believe the envelope as a whole is in **Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! **of a leak any time soon.

The easiest area to see the cedar under dimensional is in the valleys where the drip edge stops short about 6" of the center line.

Total size in cedar / comp is 24.66 rounded on a 9: to 10:12 with a really large addition done to the back side of the upstairs & this shoots out @ 17.66’ x a ridge line of 52’. This upstairs addition is about a 1½:12 with what appears to be an old school Firestone type product that is severely cracking on edges but for the most part looks serviceable for a few more years.

Thanks, y’all! :?:

Yous explained it pretty good to me Ranch. I would just say the roof is at the end of its service life and have to be replaced and torn off within the next 2 to 3 years. The reason it needs to be torn off is 2 reasons 1 there is cedar shake under the shingles and 2 you can not go over dimensionals.

Maybe i dont understand what it is your asking Ranch. Its way to early right now for me to think straight about much anything.


You gave a good evaluation.

We get paid pass or fail.

There is no way to write it up so the sale will go thru. Next time get paid pass or fail.

I’m being paid either way as well (was hired by the seller’s agent & he’s not going to be happy that my report is essentially saying "needs a complete new roof probably within 5 to 7 years max… new buyer will either do this or if it goes up for sale again, will have to deal with negotiating out where another new buyer will almost definitely have to do it).

My biggest concern was in how to describe or discuss the pitfalls in a comp over cedar roof (moisture trapping, difficulty in performing repairs due to some kind of leak, etc).

I finished it up about 3:15a last night; will post the whole thing here inna bit.

As I tell any real estate agents that I do this for: I am here to advocate for the roof - not bend for the buyer or seller’s desires or for whoever is paying for the report.

Even though roofing isn’t a licensed trade here in Texas, I still try to adhere to an ethical standard that would keep my reputation intact.

Here’s to hoping the formatting that I did this with will translate over to this posting…

Oh, & in the post above, my comment about ‘licensed’ is that in SOME cases, it seems like being afraid of losing a license is all that keeps some people on the straight & narrow…


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That looks great ranch.

looks good to me,the only point i have is cedar shingles willbegin the dry rot process once covered by asphalt shingles(runs breathing for asphalt roof as well)which will cause the nails to work loose and shingles to fall out as well,hey lefty

See, now THAT’S what I was hoping for last night. :smiley:

I had completely forgotten about this… but I can tell you that if there were any nail pops, they would have shown by now. IMO, the 30 yr’s are @ a minimum 15 years in place & do show accellerated signs of degrading / grit loss. Of course, I have NO idea how long the comp shingles have been in place anyhow… I did not break any seals to see if they have any vapor barrier between the cedar & comps & if in place, it wasn’t visible on the rakes or eaves.

I love this forum. Next to HornFans, it’s my new “#2” place to hang out.

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