Dimensional Shingle Horizontal Alignment

Sorry, more questions from the newbie.

I have Owens Corning Oakridge Pro dimensional shingles. The pattern on these is pretty much random correct?

If one of the courses is misaligned (horizontally) by 1â€Â

If you are talking about course offsets, you will not be able to tell. They recommend you to cut them at 6 1/2" offsets, but the also say you can cut them between 4in to 8in. I cut at the 6 1/2" increments because so the laps wouldn’t align with a nail head. Just make sure that the nail heads are 2 in away from the laps.

Can you post a photo of this “obstruction” that you think will throw off your horizontal alignment?

run em any ole way,
up the valley,
up the rake,
up the center,

just stagger em 7-10 inches atleast.

youll be allrite.

Follow the manufacture installation instructions and you will all set. Just don’t shoot from the hip- thats what will mess u up.

hi there ithaca area…horizontally it will make a huge difference once you reach the peak. your courses will begin to “disappear” to one side and look horrible. tape measure and chaulk line are your friends.

I know men hate to read instructions just like we hate to ask for directions but if you read the back of the shingle wrapper you’ll be better off.

Tar for the zinger…


If one of the courses is misaligned (horizontally) by 1â€Â[/quote]