Dimensional shingles with a RAIN GROOVE?

Just yesterday we went to go bid a job on a leaky roof. We are trying to match the shingles but have seen something that we did not know was made. A dimensional shingle that has rain grooves like a 3 tab. Has anyone ever heard of this and if so What brand of shingle makes such a thing>???

sounds like certianteed independce. its a three tab with 3 inch wide pieces of shingle stuck verticaly on the tabs.

it is called “horizon” by certainteed. it is actually a 3 tab shingle that has the appearance of archs. it has been discontinued. it was replaced with the “new horizon” which dont have the rain slots. depending on your locale it might be special order. they are standard not metric (if you need to know)

or what hoss said…post a pic and we will tell you.

yea, may be horison or even hallmark. certianteed made some wild stuff trying to be differnt

Actually O/C had such a product as did IKO