Direct mail

Does any use the direct mailings? thinking of sending them out at 500 a shot every 2 weeks.
All seperate zip codes. Seem fairly inexpensive to promote business?
Any tips would be great, thanks

Yes inexpensive because you are only doing 500 at a time. You need to do thousands to see any kind of return that makes it worthwhile.

Let me ask you, how much junk mail do you receive that you throw right out in the mail? If you are like me, most of it. What are you going to do that makes your mailing stand out compared to all the rest? I would hope it is unique, grabs my attention and wants me to call you right away. I have known of guys to do 5000 at a time and only get 5 calls.

What will be your call to action? Your target mailing area?

:twisted:i did 30,000 of then and got two calls and no jobs .save your money,most of them end up in the garbage

wow, that doesnt make me feel too confident. Appreciate it certainly cannot afford to throw money away.

I did it through superpages and it worked pretty good.

We considered the superpages but seemed expensive and a risk. How much do you pay a month?
Might try the google ppc for maybe $50.00 a month. Ill let you all know how it works.
i am also going to go against the grain and give the direct mail a shot, perhaps up in jersey its a differant customer base? i will post all my results :wink:

I don’t think direct mailing is a great marketing source because not everyone needs their roof done. So you’re counting on a handul per thousand that it may be intended for. Then you have to count on those handful to actually see it, and those handful to actually phone.
Compared to something where the majority of people need or use.

Good luck with all of it. Sounds like you’ve made your mind up – we’ve used both direct mail and PPC and have seen some success with both. Hope all goes well! Let us know.

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