Discontinued 3 tab shingles

Hey everyone,

I am new here. I have a question about a discontinued shingle brand I have never heard of, if is a 3 tab shingle. The homeowner swears it was called a “armstrong” shingle and was a 30 yr at the time. I removed one as a sample and it has no lettering on the back of it.

Reason I am asking is because it is an insurance job and if I can prove it is discontinued I can get the whole roof vs the front slope only.

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Just a thought

I would call a supply company and speak to someone there that has been in the business for decades … someone who does inventory for their business might know.

May have been the IKO Armour Seal 20 shingles. I think that was a 3 tab and part of a class action settlement. Never heard of Armstrong shingles and I have been at this since the early 90s. But I also seem to have difficulty finding my car keys at least 3 times a week! :wink:

Try sending in the sample shingle to Itel. They will give you a full report. You could post a few pictures as well. This community knows it’s roofing.

It’s been a while since 20 yr Armour seals have been available.

I’d wager that all of them have deteriorated beyond recognition by now.

Likely so, but as it was implied the shingles were “Armstrong”, the IKO was the only 3 tab I can recall with “Arm” in the name.