Discontinued GAF Monaco Shingles

Does anyone know where I can purchase GAF Monaco Shingles in Valencia Sunset? I’ve called a few places and the product appears to have been discontinued. Our roof was installed in 2014 and we are adding a small addition and would prefer to avoid replacing the entire roof. Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Prepare an email stating what you need. Collect the email addresses of all the suppliers in your region, BCC bulk send it to them and await a response. If you want to go further, send it to a bunch of roofing companies as well. It’s called the shotgun approach and a better use of one’s time. Someone has some sitting on a pallet somewhere and would probably swing you a fair deal. When preparing your email, make sure to convey your appreciation of their time and include your contact details to demonstrate you are a human and not some bot.

You’ll likely get some favorable replies and respond to each with gratitude despite the outcome. By nature, most folks like to help others.

Good luck.

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