Discontinued Shingles

I am trying to locate 2 bundles of Capstone Moss Rose shingles to make a repair on my pole barn.
I am willing to drive most anywhere to pick them up. There not an easy find! Can anybody help!
Thank you!
Munith, Michigan

ELK shingles are indeed discontinued. Id just use a GAF shingle that matches closely or re-roof it.

That seems to be what I keep hearing, although some where out there are the
shingles I’m looking for. Just thought somebody could help locate some.

If you can’t find a match one option would be to remove some shingles in a less visible area and transplant them to the area you need to repair. Then replace the removed shingles with the closest thing that matches.

I may try that again when it cools off a bit.

Not only is it discontinued, it’s a unique designer shingle.

You are not likely to find a match for it.