Discouraged by changes

It is so discouraging where this site has gone. I have been in business for 27 years, in the trade 37. The roofers here, although we have clashed and disagreed from time to time, are extremely knowledgeable and have helped me be a better roofer. I have gained so much knowledge from so many of them and it has now become just an AI shitfest. Someone please direct me to a new site where i can continue my education.


This is the only one I am aware of.

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Back in early 2000, Roofers coffee Shop had a print, monthly paper. I received one at my office and you could pick them up at the supply house. They had a contractor corner that featured articles submitted for printing. I submitted an article and they used it in the paper. The last time I went to the site, they weren’t getting post either.

The reason it’s so dead here is that it seems nobody is willing to contribute more than the infrequent “driveby comment”. Forums thrive only when the enthusiasm of a few stir the participation of the many. The occasional AI post makes a booming sound in this empty room. Face it, the AI cockroaches are here to stay and we need to get over it.

Toss out a thought, a tip, a process, an observation, or anything relevant to roofing and see who bites. If we make a promise to not use our “online annonymity” as license to be demeaning jerks to one another, or to new comers, the room will fill up again. Those posters who seek attention through mockery, ridicule and deception, tend to scurry elsewhere when they are ignored.

This room is empty, make some noise.

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Thank you, Ivoman! You are right on the target.

I’ll stir the pot. There are far too many hail chasing marketing companies disguised as roofing companies, and far too few actual roofers in the market today.
Change my mind! Lol


Marketing/sales companies are chameleons who willingly label themselves as roofers in order to earn a commission. They meassure themselves by monies earned as opposed to roofs well done. Roofers, on the other hand, get insulted when someone labels them a sales person as they find it demeaning. A well laid roof is a representation of their identity. A roofer’s pride keeps him on the roof whereas a marketers shameless flexibility makes him better suited at chasing deals.