DMO and RFG codes explained

For anyone that is interested, I have put together a very extensive explanation of what the DMO codes in Xactimate mean and how they are affecting our rates. It is in PDF format and can not load it in this thread. I have included a screen shot of the first page though so if anyone is interested in reading it, please drop me your email or send one to me.

Hope this helps some things.


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Sure no problem. Just share it with anyone you think it might help.

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Let me know what you think also. Trying to make it understandabke for anyone reading it even if they’ve never heard of Xactimate.

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Here is the statement we use as a heading in Xactimate and in the email heading for supplements. Feel free to copy paste or copy and modify as you feel fit.

Trades Must Be Estimated Correctly

Xactimate was built around fire and water claims where it’s feasible to use separate crews for demolition and remediation. As a result,Xactimate defaults to DMO for all trades to provide a basic scenario to start estimating a claim. This is not an accurate or acceptable method, however, for estimating a roof replacement as well as most other exterior repairs.

If using a roofing crew for removal, the labor rates and workers comp rate is not accurate if left at the default DMO setting. The monetary difference when updating the trade labor rate from DMO to RFG is mainly due to the labor burden and labor overhead because worker’s Comp, GL, tools, etc. are significantly higher than that of a demolition crew. The monetary difference actually has very little to do with the change in wages due to the skill of the trade.

We have reviewed this issue with our GL and WC Carrier and have been advised they cannot and will not provide us with a lower rate for a separate and distinct demolition crew that is performing work on a roof top.

As a result, any line item that has a Remove component in our estimate has been changed to the appropriate trade.



I like that. Will definitely be using that. I’ve been working on the same basic thing with our GL and WC provider.

Good stuff.

Sent it to you earlier today

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Please send

I would love a copy also.
Thanks a bunch!

Not a problem. Just sent it off. Let me know if you find something that works.

Thanks so much. I have some items I will send over your way too that will be helpful. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for. Thanks again!

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Please allow email or call response back within 24 – 72 hours upon receipt.

Thank you, that would be great!

I posted this in another forum and someone posted this really helpful article. Basically, how to adjust the prices in your market through creating your own price list. Xactimate is an AVERAGE of the prices, so outliers are needed to adjust the price one way or the other. Be the change.

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Please send a copy of pdf.


THIS IS AMAZING. it almost triples the price of removal! How hard is it to get approved?


How persostant are you going to be? How much time are you going to out in to debating with them? I’ve heard of people havingbgood results, others mixed, others gave up. I have had poor results, which is why I created this.

StS, and thank you very much! I am glad it can be of use to someone in our industry.

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Can you email me a copy please? Thank you!

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