Do any of you use the aluminum 225 lb Werner ladders?

The “type 2” Werner ladders rated for 225 pounds capacity. Do any of you use them? Or do you think they are too light duty? There are also the “type 1” ladders rated for 250 lb capacity and the “type 1A” are rated for 300 lb capacity.

Personal preference, I hate aluminum ladders they conduct electricity and are too light.

For roofing you need to use type 1A or better ladders.

I prefer wood ladders for 20’ and under and use fiberglass ladders for longer than 20’.

I no longer use wood ladders longer than 20’ because they get too bendy when extended.

Wood ladders have become extremely expensive over the last few yrs.

I have a couple of them, they’re okay for access ladders. Dont carry anything more than tools up them .

Been using aluminum only for 30 years.
Usually the 12 foot 250 rated model.
Never has let me down.

Just bought the 225 and couldnt be happier.
Approx 5-10 pounds lighter
I am whipping that thing around much easier.
I’ll never go back.
I need my back and knees.

No advantage using fiberglass except to break your back.


And do you feel fine carrying a bundle of shingles up the 225 pound ladder?

It’s strange that all of the stores around me seem to only carry the 225 pound or the 300 pound ladders. The skip right over the 250 pound models.

Imo they all derated for safety purposes,just like gvwr in cars.
I carried 4 bundles on my back on 250 rated ladder 16’ extesnsion of 32’ and it held up well
Only drawback for me it feels filmsy,shaky on anything above 1 story .
300 lb is must have for scaffold setup on true two story.

When you say scaffold setup are you referring to these?

yes,2 jacks and 2 ladders +1 pick

What does “pick” mean?

Not only do i feel comfortable with carrying a bundle up.
I feel comfortable with a man in front of me also carrying a bundle.
Thats 500 pounds right there
And for one stories where you are not extending the ladder more than a rung or two
the ladder wont even flinch.

I was told ladders were rated 3x their posted limit