Do cool metal roof colors matter or make a difference with internal temperatures in hot sunny areas?

Lot of websites say not really. Most, including government websites, say white and light-colored roof colors do make a big difference. Anyone notice any significant difference?

Also does lighter colors mean longer lasting roof? My gut feeling is yes because holds less heat, but what are your opinions?

Cool color roofs don’t work (reflect) when they get dirty. Are you going to clean roof as much as you wash your car?

Didn’t think so.


No appreciable difference in lifetime or performance. Certainly not worth living under an ugly roof color for 20 years or more.


Haag did a long study many years ago and Found significant difference in attic temp between white and black comp roofs. However, biggest diff is between properly vent, and not properly vented. Higher attic temps would have little effect on life of a metal roof though I would think.