Do felt buckles go away?

Hello all,

About a month ago I got a new roof put on my house. There are felt buckles all over the front of the roof. Bad ones. It looks horrible.

We have had about 10-12 90plus degree days and several more 80+ degree days since the roof was put on but the buckles are still there.

I haven’t paid the roofer yet and obviously want the job done correctly and to both look good and not leak.

Will the buckles go away in time or am I just out of luck?

Do I have to pay the full price even if he did a crappy job?

the buckles if they are there after all that then they normally will never go away. Just poor workmanship. Personally i would not pay for a bumppy roof.

greetings obe1,

sounds like you had a three tab shingle roof installed.
and every roofer knows ya cant lay three tabs over wrinkly felt.
you either have to cut buckles out as you go, or wait till the sun hits it for a while,
now sayin that, ill also say, that i have laid some three tabs and for whatever reason had an area or two a little bumpy.
and i probably told em the same thing," oh it,ll lay down after the sun hits it for awhile".
thruth is it dont.
just point out the areas that are buckled up to the roofer, and tell him “someone shingled over wrinkly felt and those buckles aint goin away”
“someones gonna have to take shingles up , cut felt and then relay shingles, in theese areas”. " ya cant lay three tabs over wrinked felt".

good luck.


Is it possible for felt to wrinkle after shingles are installed???




I agree with gweedo on this. Its just a poor instalation by whom ever.

I have taken a few pictures of the roof.

What do you think??? Will this section need to be completely redone to make it look right? The back of the house looks fine

I would say thats not right. Wow is that a bad install.

yeah thats wrinkly felt.
i would have to redo that if a costumer complained about it.


wow. im flaberghasted. holy crap. i didnt read the post close but this is horrible. I thought you were just wondering and maybe picky. I hope you didn’t pay this jerk. I dont have enough bad words about that installation and my words for this are not allowed here. You got jacked when you paid the deposit for this. THOSE buckles are NOT going away with sun, I dont care how hot it gets wherever you are. I always stick up for roofers, but this guys crew I hope has no clue what theyre doing, and he should see that if he’s not a moron. Those buckles will compromise the integrity of the product as much as a go over, imo.

looking again, i have to say that the roof is aligned perfectly DESPITE they “went over felt buckles”. They were real roofers. This is a management thing here… management makes a big deal over things that are correct but timeconsuming and frustrating to fix then so does the help. &*%^ flows downward, I’d say the owner is the problem and not the roofers. A real and good roofer free to speak his mind and collect the bill honestly without being yelled at wouldn’t have done that. THAT roof was done by a roofer. The person in charge is at fault for not allowing it to be done right through policy. Thats my second opinion.

Just a quick update. The roofer has agreed to redo this part of the roof. They are at my house right now. I hope they do a better job this time. One of the owners told me “that crew doesn’t work for us anymore”. :shock: