Do I need more ventilation?

The architect said I needed ventilation but the roofer was’nt sure how much to install.
He said I might need soffit vents too.

What do you guys think???



Your problem is that you didn’t install any ridgevent!!

Get a new roofer, any roofer that knows anything at all, knows to install a ridgevent.

I think some louvered vents would solve the problem! :mrgreen:

100 rafter mates and would be happy to put the left overs in for you.

Nicer than lying on my side in fiberglass with not even enough room for my body.


ummm…are we being sarcastic (which i’m very good at by the way) because i have no clue what you guys are talking about :shock:

marshall ext,

I can’t believe you can’t see the problem here.

Maybe I should post a pic showing the other side.


hahahah…i see it now…the uh…slant backs are not even on the different slopes of this (non heated) space…your gonna have huge ice dams!!

I was thinking of building something similar to this on my property. Except instead of the posts on the 4 corners, I was going to put them in the middle of each side. It looks really cool when its finished.

But I will vent mine alot better!!

i read all the posts and studied the picture, I can’t understand what I’m missing here and I’m embarrassed. Unfinished “interior” ceilings I’m assuming? I don’t understand ventilation here, its basically outdoors. Air is flowing I would think… If it has unfinished ceilings how can it dam? Damming requires the recylcling of water and heat in the sense that the heat will vaporize the water and make it lighter than air so it will rise through air, but it will force its way to the sides and out from underneath if its unfinished. Im confused by this one Dennis. You got me. I need an explanation from someone.

study my posts very carefully

With all that sunshine I woulda went solar. :slight_smile:

crap, I didn’t think about ice dams.

Will have to install some heat cables along the eaves.


Ice dams can damage walls, property, and the interior finish work…good thinking Dennis.

This has to be sarcastic. I saw a similar thing only weeks ago at a train station with open rafters underneath and joked to my partner how those roofers did it “right” ventilating it at all (with four louver vents, identical situation). As far as I’m concerned, the louver vents and the gutters were excessive and useless… what am I missing. What uneven kickbacks or whatever term you were using are you talkin about Marshall? I’ve studied the posts and the picture and I still dont get it.

Dee dee dee

hahahaha…it only took me 2 posts to get it

I’m not a roofer, but an electrical engineer. But I get the joke. However, I would suggest those vents serve like vents in a parachute, to relieve lifting pressure in high winds.

Wouldn’t that make you an aerodynamics engineer??? :slight_smile:

( tryin to ruin all the fun with common sense and physics ) :smiley: