Do roofers buy sales and lead gen courses?

Recently, I’ve parted ways with my business partner (roofing business) and have been approached by an investor who’d like to start a new roofing company with me. I’m interested as this guy has loads of experience helping build massive construction companies in different sectors. So this should be a no brainer.
I hesitate only because I’ve been considering creating courses or doing coaching for other roofing businesses instead of starting a whole new roofing company. The reason the investor wants to work with me is that I have a very strong track record when it comes to closing sales and generating leads. The company I was previously with I helped grow from a small local business to a company spanning 3 large cities in a short amount of time. All this because I was able to train marketing and sales teams and aggressively grow the company. I ran the largest of the three cities up until recently when I decided that I could not trust my partner.
Anyway, my question is would anyone pay for a course or for coaching for their roofing company or are people too sceptical?

There are numerous people that already do this, there is a market for it. Whether or not you and your resume would be accepted in that market would ultimately be for the market to decide.