Do you guys leave a gap between shingles?

Do you guys leave a small gap between shingles for expansion and contraction? I was worried about buckling. I’m talking about a 1/16 gap.


How where the ones you took off?

The anwser is no.

Nah, butt them together. Long as they are nice and flat when you nail them you’re golden.

no gap

Hell no. I like straight lines. there are a lot of old wives tales out there. most of them were started by carpenters who dont know a damn thing about roofing.

Agreed with Roofer Jim… I ain’t no carpenter & some of the most useless jobs I’ve seen were installed by carpenters / framers.

The last large house we did (48 sq, 23 of 'em were 16:12) had ALL the eaves with drip edge OVER the felt & no starter course 3" edge trim.

…You can imagine what happened on that one.

Carpenters talked the homeowner into allowing them to do the shingles (GAF Timberline Cedar Blend).


I never come acroos this on my long roofin carreer. We alway have them butted together as manufaturers specifications.
Maybe your talking about three tabs. They look like they have a gap but they dont. I dont usually use tree tab and dont like using them but they do look like they have a gap.
ive never come across shingle buckling. Not once. I dont think it happens.

i have seen buckling on a roof…but it was caused by plywood being butted tight together.

well i mean i never seen shingles buckling up. Thats the framers problem not the roofers. That be a nice re roof.