Does anybody use 1 1/2" nails?

I’m worried that the nails may be too long. I only have 1/2" sheathing. I heard that if the nails are too long the nails will sway back and forth and eventually work themselves out. I am using a high warranty shingle so they are thick. Should I be concerned with this size nail? I can easily go buy 1 1/4". I have been using these on the drip edges because the 1 1/2" stick through too much without the shingle.

What shingles are you using?

Some high warranty shingles like the GAF Grand Sequoia for example are very thick on the exposed area but the nailing area is standard thickness of 3/8"


I have never seen a longer nail pull out faster then a shorter nail.

Where do you hear this stuff. Does not even make any sense.

They are owens corning oakridge pro. I read it somewhere. I guess the nail can expand and contract and sway back and forth. Maybe I’m over thinking again.

over thinkin, yes you may.

i mite be able to go there with ya on a long
penny nail that is only nailed into plywood.
but not a 1 1/2", roofing nail.

“Sway” says to me some kind of wind, i.e. sea grass moving with the tides (put that one in for the Gweed-ster).

Sway… that’s rich.

The only thing you’re getting with 1-1/2" nails is less of 'em per box @ a similar price as 1-1/4".

Seriously - how can the nails sway if they aren’t sticking up above the shingle?

we mostley use 1 1/4".

Is this for cost savings or are 1 1/2 nails just too long? I can easily pick up a box of 1 1/4 nails. The 1 1/2 look like the will stick through may 3/8 to 5/8 and the 1 1/4 will probably stick through from 1/4 to 3/8. This is measuring from the point to the plywood from underneath.

you dont want them to long, its more likley to under or overdrive with the gun. we buy 1 1/4" by the pallett.