Does depositing ACV check end negotiations?

When a homeowner deposits the ACV payment(first check), is that legal acceptance of the repair cost value, or can the homeowner still negotiate the contractors price?

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No one but an attorney can give you legal advice. If the customer wishes to change the terms of the contract and are uninterested in doing a change order to expand the scope of the work, I would return their deposit. Sometimes it’s better to just walk away.

No legal advice here. This is a forum. I was just looking for others opinions and experiences, as I offer mine. I don’t even really know what you’re even talking about really. Do you even roof bro?

Sometimes and insurance adjuster/insurance company will send out the ACV as quick as possible in the hopes that the insured will believe the adjusters estimate is final. Either way, the insured has not lost their bargaining power. Always best for the contractor and the insured to come to a non XM8 price that is relative to the premiums paid and then submit to the insurance company and then get agreement from the insurance company - before starting any work.

Yes. I’ve won many awards for my roofs and hold all of the licenses and certifications. But larryb is right – the homeowner hasn’t lost their bargaining power in most cases. However, insurance is regulated by the states so check your state statutes before assuming.

I hope your job turned out both well and profitable.