Does this look like a water stain?

Hi, I had a new roof installed a couple of months ago I don’t know if I’m just imagining things but I have 3 bright white spots . They are dry to the touch with no paint coming off what could this be a roof leak or something else? It’s a single floor house with no HVAC in that area.

Very.weird to see a lighter stain instead of a darker one.

I am leaning toward No leak.

But leaks get worse, they dont get better,
So you will ultimately know for sure.

The bright light next to the “stains” may be the source as this could be a patterned refection from an adjacent reflective surface. Have you asked your cat whether it feels an unexplainable urge to chase the ceiling every time the light come on? :wink:

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If it is a reflection, It’s still the roofers fault!


Most leaks are darker rather than lighter, possibly something to do with your paint or primer on the drywall