Does this ridge cover look Ok?

My roof was put on a year ago. Two weeks ago, they came to do some repairs. They replaced some cracked boards as part of the request I originally had with them and they told me they replaced the ridge vent and ridge cover with new ones. I took some pictures today and the ridge cover does not look like new to me because its color is exactly the same as the surrounding shingles that have been weathered more than a year.

The two other pictures show the color difference between two shingles I saved after they installed the roof last year (was kept on porch without cover).

Anyone please give me a yes or no? Thanks

It looks normal.

Thanks Axiom. Could you explain why there is no color difference between new ridge cover and shingles/ridge cover that have been weathered over a year?

Your samples are the top part of the shingle, not the exposed portion.
Or they are starters that are an entirely different shingle to begin with.

Shingles don’t fade that fast that you would notice color differences in only a year. I’m with Ax, it looks ok and I wouldn’t worry about it.

Let’s put your mind at ease shall we?

The two pieces of shingle you showed are two totally different shingles, the one on the left is the top portion of one of your laminate shingles, the one on the right is a starter shingle. They don’t need to colour match.

If you really want to know if the ridge cap shingles are new or old, VERY CAREFULLY peel back the tab of a couple and look for additional nail holes. If you can see a nail, and another hole, good chance they were re-used caps.

Shingles are fine as others have stated.
I do see an issue with pic number one.
What you are looking at is where two 4 foot vents come together.
They are popping back up.
These vents really should be installed with ring shank nails but are not actually called for by the manufacture because they don’t know any better.
Although I have been guilty of using non ring shank nails along with everyone else because I didn’t know better.
These vents are always trying to pop back up because they are designed flat and then we force them over these angles.
The answer is ring shank nails.
That’s why I always use Owens Corning ridge vent because they snap together( instead of butting together)
And they automatically come with ring shank nails for the vent itself and the shingles that go over it.

Thanks a lot Axiom, IslandRoofing, bcdman and roofLover. You guys put my mind at ease. I am not sure I am brave enough to climb to the top. As long as it doesn’t look too wrong I am ok with it. It has the GAF golden pledge warranty. I had a lot of problems with the roofer last year but this time he did install 2 inch soffit vents and put some foils behind the gutter on one side for me because last winter I had terrible ice dam and the melted ice dripping down along outside wall.