Does this shingle course look straight?

Hi, not sure what the standard is, but I noticed one side of the roof has very straight shingle course lines and the other seems to curve. What are your thoughts? Does not look bad from the ground, but I just remembered the contractor said that they draw lines to keep them straight and this does not look straight to me :thinking: Does it matter at the end of the day?

There is a banana in those rows. It’s unlikely they snapped lines in that area. But this isn’t something that will effect the performance and longevity of your roof.

P.s. in my area that is the quality of work you get from most roofers.

Dunno about the “end of the day”, but after dark it won’t matter! The shingler was optimistic at the start, cause he was running them uphill. I’d check the high spot in the center of your pic and see if it moves. could be a loose plywood edge.

Thank you both! As to the center of the pic, something def moves up and down but sounds like metal (and I recall in passing a mention of a piece of metal being put to “even out” pieces of plywood that were otherwise not aligned). So it’s kind of like a bubble that when you step on makes a slight metal-kind noise. Maybe it’s that?

It needs tightened up. Have them put a 2X6 block between the rafters from in the attic. Then screw into it from the top. Loose deck will move with the weather and loosen up over time, eventually tearing through the shingles.

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Thanks so much! Will bring it up with the contractor tomorrow and will offer that suggestion.

I hope that is not a low slope roof.
Or a steep one, for that matter.
Hopefully a 5/12.
The curve is not a mechanical problem
But his under exposure is.
Which means all his nails are nailed too high.
In my opinion.

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I don’t wanna say every roof looks like that but every roof… On that note, only birds see those lines

I agree it’s not a big deal but disagree that “every roof” looks like that. My crews would tear that off and redo if it looked like that and NONE of our roofs look like that.

and who pays for that?

Me. And if I have to do it too often then the installer gets fired. In the old days the crooked shingler tore it off on his own dime but can’t do that anymore. I tore off my own work more than once when I was learning the trade. Had very hard core and demanding bosses but I’m glad for it now.


Big difference between a roofer and a shingler…

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Doesn’t look straight but if there are humps or bows in the framing that is what happens