Does this torchdown look right?

Hello folks.

I’m currently rehabbing my first project house and I am starting to have some concerns about the quality of work done by the subs hired by my GC. I’ve attached some pictures of their torchdown attempt.

I might not be the most knowledgeable guy when itn comes to evaluating construction work, but this doesn’t look right to me. It doesn’t look like any roof I’ve seen before at least. They didn’t do a tear off which they were supposed to do, the flashing is messy or nonexistent, when it rains there a lakes of water up there because there are hills and valleys and no pitch, you can just slide tour whole hand into the edge like its not adhered at all etc.

Am I being “one of those clients” if I would ask them to redo this? These same guys did my dimensional shingles on the pitched roof and it has me worried that they tool shortcuts there as well. I’ve attached some pictures below. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

No it does not. I’d be raising a stink with the GC.


Lots wrong there, it needs to be redone.

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Is there anything I didnt mention that stands out as problematic?

Everything about it is problematic.

It looks like the sheet was burnt, there is no edge metal, the flashing has no counter flashing, it’s just plain wrong and poorly done.


Thanks. When I brought up the obvious flashing problems he said “you mean you want that little metal piece?”

My GC had already signed off and paid that guy. Why, I have no idea, but I am very concerned about the whole project now…

Man, This is one of the worst torch on jobs I have ever seen. It looks like hes nailed some kind of glass ply down to the deck and torched over it with 1 ply of cap sheet. As another poster said the eave side and rake edge side should have had a drip edge flashing installed. (this is usually done over the usual first ply of torch on and then the metal should be primed with asphaltic primer and then the cap sheet should be installed. It looks like he made some kind of an attempt to use proper stripping pieces against the wall (stripping should be done on all perimeters that have up stands/walls or all curbs) but it looked like he was afraid of his seams and he buttered them. a proper job would go something like this:

remove the existing roof down to the wood decking.
install a new 3/16 asphaltic protection board over the roof and tape all seams with self adhesive fireguard tape.
torch apply a 180 gram base sheet membrane to the asphaltic board
prime the wall with self adhesive primer and install peel and stick stripping at the walls (for fire safety)
Install new 26 or even better 24 gauge drip edge flashing to 3 sides of the roof and prime with asphaltic primer (quick dry spray cans are fine)
install 180 gram granular surfaced cap sheet membrane.
install manufacturer’s accepted liquid membrane at door and other hard to detail areas if any

That’s a pretty standard spec for 2 ply SBS

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Wow, thanks for that reply–now I know exactly what to tell the new roofer to do! Sincerely appreciated advice.

no problem. Unfortunately I doubt that the guy your contractor used would be capable of pulling off a quality job no matter what the spec is… and you should be thankful he didn’t burn down your house.

Yeah, he’s not going back up there…
They’re trying to get me to pay for the first attempt, then pay again to have the same guy redo it, with a new charge for the tear off, obviously.

Think its time to fire everyone!