Doing some research before contacting local roofers

I have a 19 year old, 25 year 3 tab roof. Not leaking yet, but if I get another winter out of it, I’ll be happy. The roof is hot deck, 34 squares, 4 hip, no dormers, no valleys, 8/12 pitch. Roof dimensions are about 40x75. Its 20 feet to the rake. Overhangs are four feet (feet not inches). All cathedral ceiling, 2x T&G with structural SIPS 1/2" plywood each side of 7 1/2" EPS. Overhangs are uninsulated hollow boxes - cheaper than SIPS.
Local AHJ will probably have a cow if we don’t tear off, despite deck design for slate or glazed tile.
Questions: is it worth adding a cold deck with furring and more ply or OSB? Either way, I think I’ll be required to put a 9 foot wide band of ice shield due to the width of the overhangs.
What are my chances of finding a roofer who would work with me on some minor carpentry and how would we agree on compensation? I want to do an shed dormer bump up to increase the height of a top floor window by six inches or so. We’d also be removing two skylights. And cutting down a cupola that is the only thing that leaks and only then in a real nor’easter.
FWIW, I’m looking at 30 or 35 year architecturals and am in SE New England.

thanks in advance.


oops, meant 20 feet to the drip edge.


what are 35 year shingles?

Do you get excessive ice build up?

marshall exteriors - what is a 35 year shingle? - probably one sold as a 40-50 year shingle. Seriously, I haven’t looked too hard at shingles recently, but I thought some were rated at 35 years. Either way, I’m unlikely to be around to care…

Axiom - I have never gotten any ice dams. I’m only 1/2 mile from the ocean and we don’t get much snow. The four foot overhangs help too. But I doubt any of that will matter to the inspector who will want, IIRC, at least 3 feet +/- of ice shield over the heated part of the house. With the overhang’s run of almost five feet and some lap I’m into the 3rd roll. My current roof predates the local code requirement and I’ve never had a problem.

Atlas pinnacle makes a 35 dimensional shingle. Though from my expercience with it I don’t see a difference between it and your typical 30 year from other brands. I would say thier extra 5 year warranty is just a marketing thing.

I would say you should hire a roofer that also does carpentry work. Just make sure they are still a true roofer. Don’t hire a builder or someone who specializes in carpentry and also does roofing. The roof is the single most important part of your house or building. Any multi skilled contractor should be able to give you an estimate on both the roof and carpentry work.

first of all my company will never put 3 tab down i refuse i will pay the cost for better shingles before i put three tab down we do not use ice and water much down here in Texas besides on low slope roofs so i am not sure on that just do not let someone ever sell you on three tab

I am just shaking my head.

What’s with the 3-tab hating?

the additional material costs of adding 1x3 firring strips and 1/2 inch OSB sheathing for 34 squares is less tha $1000.00. The additional problems that you will now encounter is the cost and design of the soffit area vent design and the ridge vent. I have created some unique designs for venting the stress skin roof systems
and would be glad to discuss your project with you further. I live in Maine and travel all new England.