any idea on dome roofing. don’t know what’s on it but deck is wood. what would be the best type of roof. will know more about it next week. my 32ft. ladder didn’t come close. i thought the roof was concrete of some type just from looking at it, but it’s not.

There was a post on geodesic domes about a year ago, not sure if it was this forum on Contractortalk either way Tinner should be able to help you out. I think he provided lots of information on that post.

last one i did (well, the ONLY one) was wood frame, OSB deck, 30 year tamko shingle.

Here are a couple of pix. Pretty self explanatory. Do 2 triangles, fill in the one between those two.
My exposure dropped all the way down to 3-1//2" near the top keeping the lines aligned.
Did it in '89. Same roof still onit, doing fine.

Is this a geodesic dome or a true dome?

the roof is a true dome. in the style of the superdome, just alot smaller. local event center, finally got on it. talk to guy’s from brazos roofing(roofed superdome) and have decided on spf. thanks for all the help everyone

I would spray my foam onto it.