Done Wrong By Home Owner/Landlord Cut Me Out After All I Done

I Helped Customer /Landlord Who Asked Us To Do Multiple Roof Inspections …I did the Inspections , Met With Adjusters And Was Awaiting Insurance Scopes And Checks To Arrive …After A Couple Of Weeks Of Waiting The Customer /Landlord Said That Are Services Were No Longer Required…I Have Spent Time And Expenses On These Property’s And Got The Shaft…Is There Anything I Can Do To Get Compensated For My Time & Expenses

                                                                                                                 Please Help   RG

Unless you had a formal agreement, not likely. And if you didn’t, shame on you.

It was six homes altogether and I have all policy numbers and I even went
out on three of them with the adjuster who I have his phone number and name

Did you have a contract?

he owns about 30 property’s and the electrical part of the company has serviced his property’s for over 20 yrs
3yrs after we established the roofing company he asked us to handle the roofing of 6 of them but i regret that a contract was not signed …he was a long time customer and mistakenly we trusted his word…i went and met with adjusters and inspected all 6 property’s …i wasted at least 40hrs and fuel expenses…i guess lesson learned…trust is a pen on paper…lol

Unfortunately, without some sort of written agreement stating that you will be the contractor doing the work prior to meeting the adjusters, I don’t think you have any recourse.