Door Knocking

Is this really the best way to sell roofs? I have done it and sold a few but for the most part I don’t fell that its the best and most effective way to spend time. I know there are alot of people that say it is the only way to go but when I talk to companies and or successful salesmen they don’t spend much time doing it. I know alot of it is my pitch and approach to sales, I am very laid back and relaxed which isn’t the best way to close in the minute or two it takes on a cold knock. I am not the best salesman but I close more than I miss with people that aren’t just price shopping and kicking the tires. I just cant help but think there are better ways to make it in this business without relying on door to door sales. I know this is just a bit of a rant because I am frustrated with the amount of work I see needing to be done and people just aren’t taking care of their roofs.

OK… i do the same thing over and over again and yes am still able to have my two crew bussy 2 houses for them to do a week at this time 30 to 40 squares hand nails 4 to 5 guys on crews. Another thing you can try is direct mailing it works…


It is always hard to know these answers on such limited information, but I can tell you how we do it.

Rather than knock on doors, we try to catch someone who is already outside. The reception is warmer by a large margin.

This may seem odd, but I almost never try to sell a woman. It just gets too convoluted. Guys are easier to inform about my program.

It is very hard to follow the laws and get paid. We lose a lot of sales due to the perception that we should eat their deductibles and more. So, the sales we are getting are almost all falling through. Nonetheless, I am glad that this forum alerted me to read my state laws more thoroughly :shock: .

I do think everyone thinks they know how to sell, and nothing could be further from the truth. You do have to know the steps that are necessary for a person to be truly sold. I just listed them on another thread. And, yes, there are certain psychological profiles that do best in sales.

Still, sales can be learned with dedicated practice and study. Do not short cut the sales process if you are going to sell. Selling is every bit as scientific as putting on a roof.

In short, I think door knocking works if you are willing to eat the deductible, but otherwise it is a tough way to earn sales by door knocking.

There is only 1 other way to create leads out of nothing but this takes time and reasearch also money. J if you need to talk your more than welcome drop me an email we will figure a better way for you. email me your number and i will call monday. I delete everything month by month since i get so much email. Thats goes for anyone if you need help just ask.

mailing is a great idea,Every time i do a job I look up all the neighbors names and address on (free) and mail a “pardon our dust letter”(got the idea from agape) and it works great have got several jobs from a 44 cent stamp & some ink also have door hangers with all my info on it so when i do go door knocking I can leave something when they are not home.

Jrock, make your goal of door knocking to leave a good impression on people and get a sales appointment. You will not close a sale at someone’s door the first time you meet them.
Of all the doors I’ve knocked, only one customer has scheduled an appointment with me immediately. However, a lot of the time they call me several months later. I have gotten 2 calls this year for doors I knocked nearly 12 months ago.
And Gary is right about the people already being outside.

These days I’d be taking advantage of free classifieds out there such as and

They have a section for services offered.

Facebook is alright too - Facebook ads don’t cost too much depending what you’re targeting.

I know people have varying ideas, but leads, telemarketed and set appointments are a great way into a neighborhood. You need to use the lead to its fullest potential however, so lets say you have an appointment on 3 main st, with ms james - once you finish your appt, you can now knock doors as you have done in a # pattern to hit min 8 more homes and use the reference of Ms. James, you say your helping her and noticed …

This works well for those willing to commit, also referrals, don’t forget to ask, stop by old customers and ask how they are, hows the roof, know anyone…


I love door knocking. The man who taught me used to sell Kirby vacuums. I am not pushy like he was but I learned a lot from him that helped me develop my own style. If you have the right approach at the door, the customer is comfortable with the process before you even inspect the roof and more likely to sign. I will also never wear shorts while out door knocking.
Telemarketing I am good way to get on a roof in a new neighborhood but not usually a good way to get a sale. A lot of telemarketers are very pushy since they get paid when you get an inspection. Generally speaking, no one has a landline anymore except for the elderly and pexpletive with kids. And the people with kids are young enough to have themselves on the down not call list. I like the elderly, but refuse to pressure them into filing a claim.
I also give homeowners a copy of our state’s law regarding waiving/eating/rebating deductibles. I won’t do it. The people who can’t pay their deductible are usually the people who try to go sideways and pocket money.

Dude that was 5 years ago. Chill homie

This is not scalable for a large company. Why go to them when they can come to you. Invest in online marketing, position your self as a go to roofer in your city and the leads will come


Internet marketing provides much more expandable solutions.