Dormer flashing

I have a “doghouse” dormer that is centered on the side of the second story main roof. There is a valley on each side. The peak of the dormer is the same height as and joins the main roof. I am doing a closed cut valley.
In this case, which side of the valley is the 2" from the centerline cut made?
On another section of the roof, the garage roof was higher than the main roof in that location so I knew to make the cut on the higher elevation, but I am a little confused on this one because of the angle and same elevation.
Thanks for any help.


If the pitch is the same, go for looks and cut the dormer side.

If the ridge height is the same and the pitch is different. Cut the steeper side.

Like Lefty said.

I also like to make sure to have step flashings at the fascia transition instead of running the shingles under the eave like we see sometimes. :frowning:

Thanks guys. I appreciate the time and advice.
have a nice day! :smiley: