Dormer Help

I am re-roofing my home dur to some water leakage. the roof has 2 sides with a shed doemer in the middle. i have ran up both the sides and am now at the point where the top of the dormer meets the decking on both sides and the about another 3 feet up to the peek. the question is what is the easiest way to make the trasition from one side over the dormer and onto the opposite side.

Snap a line that goes over the shed dormer, then measure down from that line to the top of your shingles on both sides of the dormer.
Adjust the side that is higher by shortening the courses until the measurement is the same on both sides.
Try not to shorten any single course more than 1/2" if you can help it, it will be less noticeable that way.

I am assuming that you didn’t snap lines at all yet.
You can measure from the peak on each end of the roof, or you can measure off of the slot in the peak if it is cut straight.