Dormer window flashing part of roofing job?

Hi, I’ve just had my roof replaced and as the guys are finishing up one side now, I looked over the other. They cut away the window flashing around the dormer attic window up away from the roof and away from the dormer sides with snips. There is now exposed wood around the sill and underneath it, and a big gash across the front of the window flashing where it must have torn as they were cutting the flashing away.

I pointed out that there is now exposed wood, and a leak/rot danger there now, and they claim it wasn’t in their contract - only the roof. If I wanted to hire someone to reflash the window, that’s my private concern.

I’m obviously not happy with that response. The contractor gets paid when the job is completed, and right now I’m leaning towards not paying until the entire roof is weatherproofed correctly and my flashing which they cut away and damaged, is replaced.

Am I correct here, or does the roofer have a point?

Thanks in advance.

Can you post some pics? We replace all needed flashing when doing a re roof.

I realize you said that they stated it was not in the contract, have you
read it just to be sure? The guys doing the work, are they the same people
out there that sold you the roof? If not, perhaps you can call the person
who sold it & try to explain that the work being done has created an issue.

If it is something created by their work, a good contactor would want to
work with their customer wouldn’t you think?

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A phone call to your contractor is your best bet here.
It’s very common where I live for a roofing crew to finish the roof, and a day or 2 later a metal man comes and replaces metal flashings.

Is this an insurance job? If so, the contractor needed to supplement for the flashing to replace it since it is part of the roof. He then pays his guys to do that flashing. part of the problem in this industry is the insurance companies drastically under pay and if a homeowner finds a contractor to do it for that price, they cut corners. And a homeowner is going to be reluctant signing a contract for $2500 over what the insurance company has paid even though they will pay that amount. No trust. Also, the ICs rarely if ever pay enough for contractors to have general liability and PROPER workman’s comp insurance. Now what if one of those guys had fallen off your roof and died? The family could sue the contractor and the homeowner if workman’s comp isn’t right. Getting on a roof is a lot more expensive than repairing siding. Lein against your home and the contractor’s business. You could lose your home and the contractor his business. I’m personally not going to risk that.

A picture would be a great help for us to see.

Your question tells the answer. If the flashing was working and was part of the dormer system. If you tear it up, remove it, etc…the roofer is responsible for putting it back the way it was. They should have left it alone if they weren’t going to replace it.
All this goes back to what’s in the contract, and the roofers integrity. Sounds like it looks bad and will be a leak.

I received a call from the roofer’s office, politely inquiring for payment after the job was completed. I responded the job wasn’t complete, over the window, their trash in the gutters and no gutterguards per our contract. They fixed it up within a couple days, including the window flashing when I stated that I’d give the check to whomever completed the flashing round it. Hehe. They got the message.

Thanks for the responses.


Good on you for being proactive. Glad it worked out for you! Sounds like there was a communication gap between the production manager and crew foreman. This is why as a production manage myself, I make it known that I will be on site every single job. I trust my crews but I like to learn of issues first hand rather than through the grapevine.