Double layer organic roof second slope

Hello everyone,
I have a hard time dealing with AAA adjustor. He approved one slope replacement (wind damage)on gable double layer roof and doesn’t want to pay for the second slope. Is there anything in the Building Code that will show them that replacement of one slope is impossible?? Any help will be appreciated. Btw he doesn’t even want to pay for the two sheats of plywood even though it is un nailable surface. He saying he will only pay for the DIRECT PHISICAL LOSS . I am in Illinois non matching state.

There is no reason you can’t replace only one slope. If they won’t pay for it just do what they’re willing to pay for and move onto the next.

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I would have the Homeowner raise holy @$%# with the insurance company. How is replacing 1 slope of a roof with a discontinued shingle properly indemnifying them? Answer: It’s not. If they were to attempt to sell that home, almost certainly they would be told they need to replace the slopes not replaced by the claim.

I also find it a little difficult to believe, with a 2 layer organic shingle, there isn’t at least a few shingles on the other slope that are damaged. Technically, one should be enough as undoubtedly, the organic shingle is too brittle to repair. So they’d have to replace the entire slope.

Reinspect the back slope thoroughly (although very carefully in order to not cause any mechanical damage) and document (take photos) of any damaged shingles. Then have HO demand a second inspection.


As far as the decking, they owe for a nailable surface regardless. The felt is not damaged directly by the storm and it gets replaced. I would definitely take another look at the other slope and get the homeowner to have a 2nd inspection.