Drilling soffit

I asked this same question awhile back. I have wood fascia and soffit on my house. I will be installing new albumin fascia and perorated soffit. I was going to drill/cut 3â€Â

Both the Lomanco and AirVent websites contain the rated NFVA of the different products.

But, the 4" diameter circle vents only provide about 3 square inches of NFVA per opening and every square foot of either lanced or perforated soffit provides between 6 to 9 square inches of NFVA.

A continuous strip soffit vent at 3 inches width would provide about 9 square inches per foot of NFVA, which is more reasonable to supply the amount of proper Intake Ventilation to Balance the Total Exhaust Ventilation.

Preferably, the Intake should account for about 60% of the total and the Exhaust should be the other 40%.


Thanks ED for the info. I have all ready bought the perorated vinyl soffit from Norandex/ Reynolds. Then I found out from this website that I should have air coming into the soffit and escaping the gable vents I installed. So would it better to just remove the old wooden soffit then I would have air coming all around my house??? I’m a BUCKEYE fan Ed u might have to dumb it down a lot for me about the NFVA thing! LOL I will check out those websites u mentioned and maybe I will find the answer, so I won’t have to keep bugging u! By the way I will be cutting the perorated soffit 12â€Â

nfva is net free vent area