Drip Edge - Different Types installed, one type kicks 'in' toward fascia?

Hi, saw a few other Drip Edge topics, but not one with a question like mine where I seem to have two different types of rake drip edge installed. A contractor recently replaced my roof - half traditional shingles (GAF) and half rolled roof (GAF Liberty, 3 ply system), due to it’s low slope. They also replaced drip edge on the rakes. I noticed the shingled portion drip edge has what I expected to see with the ‘kick out’ on the bottom, but the rolled roof portion had an edge that seemed to actually ‘kick in’ towards the fascia. Here are some pics. It almost makes me wonder if the contractor ran out of the drip edge and just bent metal coil to be ‘drip edge’ but can’t imagine why they’d do it with a bevel IN towards the fascia? I’m also worried that they didn’t leave a gap between the drip edge and fascia, as I’ve read elsewhere should be done. Any thoughts? Pics hosted here. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

It looks like a custom bent piece so I suspect that is the look they were shooting for.

I see no reason for it to be an issue.

Thanks. The aesthetics of it look fine, and actually with the kick in towards the fascia even blends a bit better than standard drip edge with the small kick out/bevel away from fascia. How much should I worry about the lack of kick out allowing the water (via surface tension) to creek back up under the drip edge, particularly on a rake with an edge of rolled roof out a few inches over it? I think not much, but if it makes sense, i could get up there and by hand pull the trim edge out away from the fascia a bit.

Don’t do that it will become a mess. It will only wick water if it’s a straight 90 degree with no kick. This application should be fine and the roofer actually put some effort into a nice look.