Drip Edge Reuse?

I am reroofing my shingle roof and I don’t know if I should reuse the drip edge. It is a T type,white color baked on, 14 yrs. old and in generally good shape. But will it have to be pulled off to get the old tar paper out from under it, and if so, will that bend it up?
I am trying to save where I can due to a high insurance deductible $7000. I know it is only about $250 for new drip edge and I don’t want to be sorry not replacing it.
And how much trouble would it be to replace it later if deteriorates.

Wow, that is some deductible. You must have some house/roof to warrant that type of deductible. I’ve seen a few with $5K deductibles but $7K, ouch!!! Well I did hear of a $10K deductible but it was on a 2 million dollar home.

$250 would be money well spent to put on new drip edge. The problem with leaving the old stuff on is that you would have to paper on top of it and you wouldn’t get a good seal. If you can take it off without bending it you should be working on circuit boards and not roofs!

If he lives in the Gulf Coast then the type of roof most likely has nothing to do with it. A 7K deductible is very common here in louisiana.

After Kitrina and Rita in 2005 almost all the insurance companies changed their deductible policies. Most everyone i know, myself included, has a deductible that is a % of the value of your home. Some companies it’s 3% other’s 5%. I’ve seen people, now affected by Gustav, that had 15K claims and after deductible were awarded 2K. Obviously they were not “in good hands”.

oh and by the way, don’t re-use the dripedge

edit: i just read kuuroso’s other post, my suspition was confirmed. he is from south LA.

Thanks Guys,
LA Nailer is right on about the deductibles being common around here and that “I am not in good hands”. I will deal with that part after my roof is done. I will no longer be in their slimy hands for a minute longer plus all 4 autos insured are gone from my friendly local agent who couldn’t/wouldn’t help much. But that is another story.
You confirmed my thoughts on the drip edge being bent up on removal and new tar paper not being put under it if it is left on. I will MAKE SURE that they replace ALL of it, Nailer anything on the company that I asked you about?
Have a good day,

Good hands to your local farmer…thats the best bet. Replace the drip edge…

was wondering,whats better way to install roof edge,staples(tacker hamer) or nailing it down…? yoooooooo im back yall

if the excisting shingles are not stuck to it then
save a couple hundred bucks.