Drip Edge Thickness

Trying to come up with an argument for using .32 aluminum drip edge in lieu of .50 aluminum drip edge. The client is a municipal housing authority that only qualifies for 40 year warranties on “Lifetime” shingles. While we believe the .50 will last longer and hold up to more abuse, it is also harder to get and bend, which increases the project cost. So the big question is will the .32 hold up the 40+ years until the next roof replacement? Is the lower project cost worth the risk?

Has anyone run into this before?

Ever curious,

I would think the difference between.32 and .50 is minimal. More important is that you use a colored drip edge rather than a galvanized, as the protection the baked on paint provides will extend the life of the drip edge.

I ripped off plenty of drip edge, I dont think ive seen one that failed. They all come off with, at worst, minor surface rust. Just use the lighter one

Are using steel or aluminum?

I used to use aluminum exclusively but it seems as though it is thinner than it was a few years ago.

I have noticed that with the darker colors the aluminum drip edge will ripple in the sun, this is primarily Quality edge drip edge.

Will you be using off the shelf drip edge for your project or will it be custom fabricated?

I personally think the steel is the best way to go.
Because the steel will outlast any shingle job you put out.
I don’t care what the warranty says.
The shingle will wear out before the steel does.
Rakes and eves are not perfectly straight.
Aluminum will accent those imperfections.
Steel helps hide and smooth out those imperfections.

I regularely reuse 20 year old drip with no signs of wear other than being a little dirty. The thin stuff will be fine.

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My supplier offers .025 gauge aluminum drip edge. Do you think this is sufficient or too thin and weak? Would steel be better?
Is a 3/4 inch hang out ok or should it extend longer or shorter

New shingles soon and need to decide.

All comments welcomed!

Use the steel drip edge.

Any suggestions as to gauge, color, brand, etc?


If the color is available in the steel drip edge they have in stock use that.