Drip edge

what do you think off using standard drip edge on the rakes.I’ve got a lot extra and was wondering how it would do other than a slight different overhang

We don’t normally run up the rakes with edge metal but if you don’t mind the way it looks I see no reason you couldn’t. If you have extra you may be able to return it.

We dont run it up the rakes either. mainly beacause of the look. does not look good with the gable rake trim. starters up the rake with 3/4" overhang.


The only time a roof doesnt get drip metal on the rakes is when you are doing a tile roof and you use rake tiles …

I must have read this thread like 3 times over and over and trying to see if i am missing something ??

or maybe i am in the wrong planet ???

thanx for the replies .I agree with everyone so far.On new construction or on house with good rake trim either way would be good.In the case of my old house with rough rake trim I think metal would smooth it out a bit.I guess my question should be do you think drip edge would work or look ok on the rake instead of rake trim which has a different shape or profile.The reason is I got a whole lot of surplus drip edge that I’d rather use up than buy rake edge metal
thanx again

this greatly deoends on your region. carolinas use no metal at all. some of your locations use only eve metal. in upstate NY we use drip on the full perimiter and it always looks fine.

Same here.
The only time we don’t use t-drip on the rakes is when it is specified by the architect, and those jobs are few and far between…
Most of the facia around here is aluminum over pine 2x6’s, the t-drip serves to hold the top of the facia in place.
Without t-drip the aluminum facia would blow off…

this area dosnt have much metal trim. its all mouldings or painted pine two member trim detail. in areas were there is a lot of vinyl siding you see the metal trim. I personaly hate the stuff makes your house look like a tin can and can trap water. We are now doing a lot of Aztek and the like composite trim with some of the reroofs. Its a great add on.

our houses are 95% vinyl sided.

Re: Roofer J

“Tin Can”: Then get the painted variety.

“Trap water”: Not if it’s put on correctly.

About 99% of the time, I spec DL metal & it is installed on ALL sides, rakes, eaves, etc. Keeps the shingle from drooping & gives a specific edge to the shingle so there’s no guesswork as to how far off the edge the shingle should sit.

If there’s any drip edge anywhere on a roof, here in Central Texas it is put on ALL edges. IMO, it would look odd to see a house with eaves only & no rakes; would look like something was missing. Again, IMO.

Regional thing I guess. vinyl siding around here would actually decrease the property value exept in some cheaper neiborhood in the city. Clapboards and shingle walls left natural is big. drip edge on the rakes is an odd ball out here. Not saying right or wrong just regional trends and traditions, but of course New England yankee’s know better LOL.

RooferJ, I guess I’ll give you one slight edge in grammar:

I must have been, oh, maybe 12 or 13 before I knew “Damn” & “Yankee” were TWO different words.


LOL !!

Around here we run drip edge all the way around the house. If i do a tear off I’ll do my hangover off the drip edge, and I give a 1 1/4" hangover. Most of my customers like the extra hangover. We don’t have alot of drip edge around here though.

a shingle that is embedded in tar on evedrip thats nailed around the edge makes for a stronger edge,
in high winds and also helps make it more water tight
because we have alot of low slopes with shingles on them, and water lays on the edge.
sometimes you’ll have to bull the first couple a rows.

i have spoken.