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Hello all - I am in the middle of a tile re-roof. I have a simple question that may sound really stupid but here goes. The roofer is putting a SBS peel and stick base sheet and then a SBS cap sheet on my roof for underlayment. They put the base sheet down and then the drip edge. This has caused a bad leak on my lanai roof and some of the dry wall has fallen down. Not to mention that all of my fascia board is soaked when looking at it from the attic.

I live in South West Florida and we got some heavy rain the last couple of days. anyways we are having the first inspection tomorrow from the city, will this pass with the drip edge over the base sheet? I know once the cap sheet is on the leak problem will stop. I am just concerned about the inspection. Thanks for any incite.

Normally at least here in michigan the underlayment will go above the drip edge. If things are getting wet i would call the roofer that did the work. It is not a stupid question because you dont know the answer. We are glad you found us and posted your question online. Hope this helps you out. As far as passing inspection it might not. I myself do not do tile but underlayment is normally all the same.

Thanks for your reply. My roofer just returned my phone call. He said that it will pass inspection and that the cap sheet will be installed on tuesday(depending on the weather). Also said he would take care of the damage. This forum and a lot of you have been very helpful in the past few months. I spent a lot of time searching on here about deferent types of underlayments and such. I have never had a re-roof done before it is a bit stressful. I guess it doesn’t help that it is rainy season down here either. Anyways thank you all for the info on here. It helps a LOT!

i knew were you were from without finishin your post.
hurricane scared florida.
there wanting to see the evedrip getting sandwiched in your type of under layment.
im from st. pete. and the whole coastal florida state of construction is goin crazy.
everybodys tryin to find new and better ways to keet roofs from endin up in the gulf.
another thing the countys are comin up with is they want the evedrip and flashing and valley metals inspected before the main roof is layed, which is probably why your sittin there with your evedrip on top of your base sheet.

all i can say is the inspectors here in tampa bay, get photos of my work.
i dont wait on them.
and they dont say anything about it , cause they know ill be downtown
raisin hell.

so to me, things sound like normal southwest florida.

dont worry bout your wet wood.
every house built around theese parts gets wet before the roof goes on.
actually they get soaked.

good luck .

Thanks Gweedo…I live in Cape Coral, the city here is a little nuts from what I understand on inspections. I am glad to hear it from another roofer about the drip edge getting sandwiched in. As for the leaking wood most of the leaks are very minor…the only one that is bad is on the flat roof of my lanai. I am not real concerned about that…I understand things will get wet in a re-roof (especially a flat roof that gets all the run off from the house)…still a bit stressful though.

One other question how long does the roof need to be dry before the cap sheet can be put on? It is also an SBS type peel and stick.

Thanks guys

not familiar with your codes in florida,we like to put an 8" strip flashing of the base sheet along the primed drip edge before the cap sheet goes on.
It will help prevent ice from the eave de-laminating the joint Just gives an extra layer of sealed protection.
in your location you would be concerned with wind uplift,i think this detail is also applicable .
canuk roofer

yeah welcome to florida,

basically from what ive come to find.
peal and stick has to be dry before tryin to stick another layer on top.
i dont know if your roofer wants to put some tar between the cap sheet and evedrip or if theyll use primer.
both work,
but i like a thin layer of plastic cement (cold tar) better.
its very important to seal your roof to the top side of the evedrip.
very important.

alot of roofs around you are gettin only one layer of leal and stick ( doem myself), so the fact that you gettin a base and cap tells me your roofers
tryin to get you a good roof on.

so good luck.
and be pateint.


I am use to Florida…I use to live up near Tampa in Apollo Beach. We moved down here ( Cape Coral) in in late 04. Our roof in Tampa was tore up bad from hurricane Jeanne when it blew through a week before the closing on the house. fortunately the new owner just decided to close anyways and the roof repairs were escrowed.

I had my inspection today. We did not pass due to petty BS. The inspector wanted to see the manufactures tile installation spec sheet posted next to the permit. I immediately called my roofing company and told them…to make a long story short, after getting the specs and sitting down at city hall for 2 hours AND paying a twenty five dollar fine they came back out and signed off on it. What a headache…now the cap sheeting needs to be delivered. I guess the supply company is going to deliver it tomorrow sometime, so it will not get it applied until probably Thursday due to rain. Until then we will leak some more.

good luck,
hopefully you wont need to contact us after they install the cap sheet.
wont hurt to tell who ever does the cap to make shure they “tar that
met edge in good” ,and that your gonna be checkin it after he/she is done.
you dont actually have to check it but he/she wont know that.

good luck.


Well they got the cap sheet installed yesterday. The rain held off all day here. They sealed the metal pretty good, it rained last night, no leaks anywhere. I got up in the attic and crawled all around during a down pour.

I have never seen bigger smiles when the crew saw the case of beer, I put in their cooler at the end of the day.

The tile should be here in another two weeks…just crossing my fingers that we keep up with no storms this season, although this underlayment system looks like it could stand up to some pretty good winds.

well good for you,
sounds like ya got some good guys.
makin sure they have somethin to drink goes along way.

and yes you have one hell of a sub roof stuck to your wood like flypaper.
bring on the storms your ready for anything up to a 125 mph.

good luck.