Dripedge for inside corner

My house is in New England, where we get cold weather and snow. This portion of roof (photos below) has an inside corner but it isn’t a simple meeting of two rooflines. One roof is slightly higher than the other. The result is that the drip edge doesn’t work and rain streams down the small vertical wall, on the vertical board.

What is the right way to address this? Can I put a custom-bent piece of sheet metal horizontal, at the inside corner, to continue the right dripedge? Is it acceptable for that drip edge to extend a few inches away from the house, so even wind-blown water doesn’t stream down the house? What is the right shape for such a metal piece?

You can see what looks like a gutter to the left. That’s just a 5’ length of gutter with no downspout, open on the far left, acting as a water diverter, because there is a door under it.

Thank you for your suggestions.

It’s simply a bad design and there is no set way around this other than a trial and error process. Start with a diverter slid under the shingle and see what happens. Correcting design errors with flashings is a fools game as the fixes tend to work intermittently at best.


Looks like the frieze and fascia went on last. Carpenter jammed it together instead of fitting it, the drip on the upper is torqued as evidence. Frieze is too tight to the roof and will dam water on the flashing, and ultimately rot out. Pull fascia and frieze. install kickout flashing under 1st course. Reset frieze 1/2" above shingles. Miter the return block to allow drainage, reset fascia.

You are always so helpful.