Dump truck or dump trailer?

I have always worked for bigger companies and have have had the luxury of a dump truck at my disposel. Now that i will be going out on my own im tying to wiegh out the pros and cons of a 1 ton dump box vs dump trailer. Im leaning towords dump trailer due to less insurence and finding licenced drivers. If i decide to go with dump trailer what do you guys think will be suffiecent to pull it. Im looking at a f-250 crew cab long box diesel dually right now but my concern is being such a big truck will it be a big struggle getting it into tight spots? I would love to run the ford 1ton ambulance vans with the v8 diesel but with the lousy condition of our landfull i think ill need more clearence and 4x4 in some cases. not much experince with trailers any advise will help thanks :oops:


2-3 threads about this right below this one. THe shorter the tow vehicle, the better for manuevering. That’s why semi’s work so well.

ya sorry guys i shoulda took the time to scroll down and read rooflovers post :oops:

No worries about the post Roofer Jay.,I could talk trucks and trailers all day long.I love Dually trucks but they are big,bulky and come with some very expensive blind spots.A 17 or so foot truck with a 16’+ trailer equals major limitations when it comes to setting.

An F250 should be sufficient but an F350,450,550 would keep you from ever being limited.Dump trucks are cool but dumpsters don’t have transmissions,motors or clutches etc.IMO a nice 16’+ Goosie will keep you from ever being limited by equipment.Provided you have enough room to set it on sites.

I have been looking at something like the pic posted.That would take alot of the length off the train I am pulling now.I want to get away from long pull trucks.And be cautious if your not use to driving a dually and pulling a trailer too.

Dump trucks are great for cracking drive ways! We turned our dump truck into a flat bed after.

We use dump trailers only now.

we get bin delivery, or if its a small job we use 1ton dually…

What are you guy’s paying for a 20yd in BC ?

average roof (30-35sq) im paying $3-400 takes everything, delivers on time and picks up whenever i ph. no problems with driveways and such, just throw a couple 2x4 down and be done with it…

Dump Trailer. You don’t have to tie up a truck.