Dump truck or dumpster?/

My company has always gone with using dumpsters for our tear offs. We didn’t want to hassle with the maintenance etc… with a dump truck. Last year we spent nearly $50,000 on dumpsters (175 tearoffs at average $300 a dumpster). Obviously that cost we factor into the bid, but is the dumptruck that much more cheaper to use. The land fill is charging $8.50 a cubic yard.

I have a dump trailer that works great but make sure you have 4x4 and a diesel. I am getting a dump truck soon though it’s also diesel.

We went that way for awhile. Dumping our own stuff. After awhile you realize you spend more time running around to dump the stuff than anything else.


Never figured it to be cheaper or more expensive.

Easier to do the job if you can back the truck up to the house and throw the shingles into the truck. Instead of throwing the shingles on the ground and moving them to the dumpster.

The dump truck is there only as long as you need it. Dumpster can be there a couple of days before and a couple of days after.

If dumpsters fit your business model then they are the way to go.

If dump trucks fit your business model them they are the way to go.

dump trucks are better and cheaper in the long run.

i am with Lefty. i love my dump trucks.

Lefty and Roofer J said it…I found it more profitable to use a dump truck. It saves allot of time. I do most jobs alone,and I set up dump as close to roof as possible.Rip and throw it right in,w/minimal ground clean up.I got mine cheap,and it paid for itself fast.I also got it cause I was waiting 3-5 days for dumpsters at the beginning of last spring.
All of my customers are impressed when I show up w/dump truck,and begin ripping and loaded in a day, all alone…Buttoned up and gone in 2-3 days ,from permits to final clean up. 25 sq 1 layer walker…spotless clean up…That includes re-nailing the entire roof deck…

i have 3 dump trailers. We employ a driver that just runs to the landfill then drops the empty trailer at the next job and picks up there full trailer and so on. Always 2 roofs going at once (at least) which leaves us an empty trailer to replace the full ones. Works well for us. The trailer has a higher capacity than a dump truck, plus it doesnt require insurance or oil changes.

the best trailer and dump truck…the roofing buggy. its a trailer that you disconnect from the truck then hop on and drive it around the house to where you need it, then anchor it like a crane, then boom the bucket up to the roof, toss in the rip, and drive it away. a smaller outfit would take it to the dump (it dumps) and a bigger outfit would drive it to their nearby dumptruck and raise it to dump the load in, then go and catch another load.

roofers buggy. check it out

I have to say a dump truck is better for alot of the reasons mentioned above. Just hire a guy to do the driving and thats that.

Dont agree with that buggy thing on a customers grass all that weight and having to drive the truck on the lawn to move it is just asking for trouble.


The Roofers Buggy is motorized. You tow it to the job. Then it is on its own.

We drive dump trucks on the lawn all the time. There are times you can not. Your foreman needs to know when not to do this.

Roofers buggy is a very pricey upfront cost!

It looks slower than what a couple good guys could do.

we have 4 dump trucks and 8 dump trailers (6’by 12’ with 4’ sides). never used dumpsters. the roofer buggy runs around $30k. kinda steep.

if you do want to buy one, do it in the off season, they will have huge markdowns. They offered me one for i think $22k a few winters ago.

At the moment I use dumpsters, I have been considering buying a dump trailer or a dump truck, which one would be the best

I have a dump truck…I would think you put a beatin on your work truck pullin a trailer to the dump…I have put 37 sq 3 tabs in a 1 ton mason dump…(lmao) and 34 sq archs…(lmao)even harder…this is funny cause it is 1982 F-350 mason dump…that has seen better days…
I always laugh at the guys with trailers trying to back them into the landfill,sinking,and struggling to keep em straight…I can send any one to the dump that can drive a standard trans…not too many guys can tow a trailer…i.m.o.

a diesel F-550 with the Ipack for tool boxes makes a great dump truck, combine that with a 14 ft work trailer and its real efficiency for shingle jobs.

[quote=“erroofingco”]At the moment I use dumpsters, I have been considering buying a dump trailer or a dump truck, which one would be the best/quo

well here in florida i use allpro trailers and odell trailers. they run aroung $6-8k. they hold around 40sq. of tearoff and cost $175 to dump fully loaded.[/quote]