Dumpster size for concrete tile roof tear off?

How many cubic yards will a flat concrete tile roof tear off of about 24 squares take? I can find estimates for shingles, I can estimate if I stacked every tile perfectly, but I can’t find any estimates for flat concrete tile tear off’s.

I think a twenty yard will do it.
If I remember
7 pounds per tile, 90 tiles per sq
The weight should be about 7 and a half tons just for the tile.
Plan on about 8 tons with all waste from new roof and old underlayment removal.
Inform your canister
Company of the weight you are expecting
And make sure they are comfortable with that.


You’re in south florida, right? You know anyone that does metal and pvc roofs up in boca/palm beach county? Thanks.

No, sorry.
I am way north of you.