Dumpster size

what’s the proper size can for say 40 or 41 square tear off(2 layers), and the scrap from sheathing and install? thanks, greg

20 yard which will be very full (probably 30 if you can find one in your area)

30 yd

i hate doing shake reroofs due to the fact you need the big ass dumbsters and most time two of em.

Ask what the ton limit is on your dumpster. I have 5 ton limits with the new company I am with but last year I only had a 3 ton limit and there was a lot of overage charges so keep that in mind also in choosing a dumpster. I had a 33 square shake tear off and re-sheet and the front porch was re-framed and I almost filled up 2 20 YD dumpsters so keep that in mind.

We just tore off 41 sq of new shingles with 2 layers of roll roof underneath. We filled a 30 yarder and had a total of 13.73 tons.