DuraTech double wall stovepipe thru metal roof

hey, looking for detailed pics on how
to get this pipe sealed on a metal roof…professional
quality… not just a gallon of silicone…
under the top and over the bottom etc…
thanks :slight_smile:


I love looking at your pics tinner!

Looks like its fun. You must have to be aware of the weather much more when doing a metal roof. When you do a metal roof (new) how many guys do you have working?

I know thats right. In fact, i just dont like doing steeper metal roofs. Too many slips. My back has had enough.

I work alone as much as possible. Sometimes, I’ll have 1-2 people with me.

In cold weather, I increase the gap between the cleats and the panels to 3/16" minimum. Even in summer, I still gap 1/8" with copper.
The pic is fuzzy, but you can see the spacing.

You can order a 6 to 8 inch pipe flashing that will hold 200 degrees they are 85.00dollars though.

i put vents and boots etc on top of the panel thees days so its easier to change out when vent fails.
and if your goin to be messin with metal roofs get used to beeds of caulk.


"i put vents and boots etc on top of the panel thees days so its easier to change out when vent fails."
It wasn’t a problem when they all used lead-heads.
I’ve found that with the PVC with the tall shape, it’s simply a matter of buying a new one, and cutting the entire flange off and sliding it over the old one.
Nowadays, when I install one, I double it that way.

The one with the power vent? I did it so it could be replaced without damage to the roof. Unscrew a few screws, disconnect the electric, and slide it out. Slide in the new, reconnect the electric, and reinstall the screws.
I do the same with heat pipes too.

yeah im with ya tinner they just dont build the vents and stuff as good as the roof anymore so they end up wearin out faster, sometimes in a couple a yrs.
so yeah everything goes on top. somethin ive been doin with my lead boots is cuttin the top flange
into a point so the water goes around it better.

again good to see your pics.