Eating deductables!

must be a lot of roofing companies that just do roofs for a hobby .
2 weeks ago a hail storm hit a town 28 miles from me that I work in all the time and know a lot of people there so I’m getting my info first hand. 7 different “roofing” companies have swopped in like buzzards on fresh road kill and are claiming everything from no deductibles to you can be Americas next idol champ (kidding) . one homeowner called me and said it was like male dogs looking to mark their turf .
I will end up with plenty of work for my crew and me to last the year so they are not bothering me as far as work is concerned but just get under my skin because I have to explain to the people I work for that I cant do the things they promise and besides I have a hobby and it isn’t roofing .
ok I feel better now just needed to vent .
(too much coffee this morning )

Unfortunately that happens in to many large catastrophic events.
After the storm chasers leave you will have even more work.

Sadly, people try and compensate for poor sales skills by giving things away, and engaging in illegal practices.

This screws it up for the legitimate contractors and it sets an artificial expectation with the community you are trying to work in.

Ultimately it introduces enough problems and sketchy practices into the marketplace, that it also causes some of the non-payment issues with the insurance companies.

You should have to be certified to work insurance claims. Not with the insurance companies, but with some other organization so that you can ensure that the scopes are correct and that the work is done correctly. This is why, when you present your estimate to the insurance adjuster, they tell you that they can find someone to do the job for $4k less… Too many contractors know too little of the process. It screws it up for everyone.

There are a few companies in Jackson MS that are covering deductibles. They gave a guy a price for 30yr archs on 9/12 pitch at $178 per sq?!? I’ve had a few customers wanting to cancel our agreement and go with the idiots that are slowly polluting our industry. I tell the homeowner that is fine as long as they give me my 15% of contract amount I’m good to go. Made $3,000 for a 45minute adjuster inspection! Might just get out of the roofing business and do inspections for a 15% cut. Because most of the guys who are covering deductibles have no clue what is or isn’t actual damage so they have no idea what to say to an adjuster who’s trying to not pay a claim he should.

Some roofing companies don’t have that much sense, that is why they eat deductibles. What can be done about it?

Maybe the following ideas:

Write complaints to BBB, so those companies will get a bad mark.

Send anonymous mail or flyers to home owners warning of the hazards of the companies that eat deductibles.

Call or mail all the insurance agents in town and let them know who the deductible eating roofing companies are.

Post messages on the bad roofing companies facebook pages, explaining the illegal practice

Find out who the relatives of the roofing companies and their sales people are and notify all their relatives about the illegal practices.

Find what church they go to and send emails and letter to all the church members and pastor about the illegal activity.

Make a list of all the addresses that have a roofing sign with the bad roofers signs, then sign anonymous letter to their next door neighbors and tell them what the roofing company is known to do.

As long as what you are saying is true then it is legal to send to anyone.

Write all the newspapers and news stations in town.

Send a letter to the IRS about the homeowners who use the roofing company and let them home owner know it.

Anyone else have ideas?

what i’m saying is true but I don’t think I will do anything behind anyones back .
I’ve talked to a couple of them today and they are clueless to everything.
morons would have a better chance at understanding.
I figure if nothing else i’ll have plenty of repair work ( at my rates ) in the coming years.
telling the insurance agents dosent help . some of the bigger companies always seem to have a hunting trip or cruise they have booked and cant seem to make so they give it to good ole joe down at xyz insurance .
o well …

They’re bad for the homeowners, :x I generally make more in repair work than they did for the whole roof with less exposure to boot.
I don’t have to open the whole roof to do my thing, nor do I need to buy 30 sq. at a time.
Sad part about it is the HO generally has to foot the entire bill this time around.

If you guys think the insurance companies, and their agents (especially the agents) give a rats ass that roofing companies “pay” deductibles, you are kidding yourself.

all they care about is they pay out as little as possible, and their customers get new roofs. they really dont want us to make any money. “if you wont do it for that amount, theres a dozen other roofers standing in line that will, and i’ll tell the home onwer that”.

this is a brutal market around here.

I in no way think they care .
brutal is a understatement but its better than digging ditches or building barbwire fence.
i’m going fishing, ya’ll have a fun and safe weekend.