Edging placement

When putting new edging on a roof does it go on before putting the tar paper on and the shingles?

If by edging you mean drip edge,the metal should not touch wood, I usually put a strip(6-8")of paper first, then drip edge, then paper onto the drip edge

The GAF installation instructions say to install the edging first (unless local code requires roof deck protection first), then the underlayment over the edging.

The good news is you are installing drip edge. Double check your local code, but either way you’ll probably be OK.


… before shingles, anyway.

Drip Edge goes under on eaves and over on Rake edges

Manufactureres do not use common roofing terms. The edge metal they may be referring to could be what we call "eave metal’, but it is also at the edge of the roof just like “rake/drip metal” (at the edge as well)

That may explain the GAF interpretation

under @ the eaves and over @ the rakes…is how manufacturers typically call for the metal to be installed…just like was stated in the last post.