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I’m looking for training opportunities and resources to completely change the current training we provide our new hires, along with finding training opportunities for existing crew members during the year to establish a better balance of classroom and skills training than we currently have.
Outside of the manufacturer specific training opportunities, and NRCA education thats available, what resources can anyone share that could help a smaller company like us, without costing a fortune?
I’m all for paying for training, however that budget is limited for the market we’re in.
If anyone can share any resources they know about or have time for a 1 on 1 conversation regarding education I’d really appreciate it.

“Out of the box” educational programs don’t alway marry well with the needs of smaller companies. They risk being too generic and largely off the mark. I’d suggest you start with a clear definition of what you wish your team to learn. If it entails task specific training, then clearly identify the specific task and solely focus on it. If it is broader ambition geared toward a continuing education philosophy, offer access to subscription based programs like Udemy as an example. This can be done through a “use it or lose” it perk where everyone gets an allowance per year that must be used toward education.

I don’t know who said this about education but it’s a nugget you might keep in mind. “The cost of educating your employees may seem daunting because you fear they may leave. On the other hand, the cost of not educating your employees is even greater when you think they might stay”.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


I appreciate the information, and just basically want to add to the basic stuff but introduce continuing education on a larger scale and with more options to benefit everyone better than the system I have now.

Manufacturers like WeatherBond offer training in single-ply application, at no cost.

Ive been using manufacturer specific training for a while especially with new hires. In fact I believe Owens Corning has one of the best contractor training resources available as far as manufacturer specific education, with the introduction of Owens Corning University. They offer training classes on a broad spectrum to benefit just about everyone. I’ve noticed other manufacturer like Atlas, and Tamko are beginning to follow along the same line. I’m also a fan of the CertainTeed “Master Shingle Applicator” training and certification, however, as with most any online training availability it’s easily manipulated, for those that look at education different and have created dangerous situations for vulnerable consumers more than Id like to see.
I make a goal to learn something new everyday and I make mistakes as much as anyone else sometimes but my biggest issue with any manufacturer specific education is alit of times I can pay the manufacturer a set fee and be listed as a preferred contractor and listed on websites without ever having to verify anything except Maybe verbal or electronic verifications and not have a minutes experience. Obviously that’s not always the case for every manufacturer but it’s letting undesirable individuals slip through causing problems for the rest of us that I’m looking to avoid as much as possible anyway.
Hopefully I’ve worded my intended meaning or thinking so it’s not misunderstood because I do use manufacturer training opportunities often

To make a long story short, I found myself in a tough situation recently because of something similar with the consumer being mislead because of how easily someone obtained "preferred status and what looked great on paper causing me to want to rely less and re think training altogether because I hate to see an elderly lady crying because she spent money that took years to secure with nothing to show for it. I’m sure it happens everywhere but i have had to rethink a few strategies I guess

Alright, you need to refocus otherwise you’ll go insane. Although your ambitions are noble, your efforts are misdirected and I’ll explain why. We go into business to earn money, ideally with the intention of providing value, backed by accountability. This “purpose” extends not only to your customers, but to your staff and suppliers as well. When your purpose shifts toward pleasing everyone, your business will unquestionably suffer because you became enamoured by some altruistic babble you encountered in the “stupidverse”.

In most cases, the consumer is not mislead, they are simply too lazy to research and quickly claim victim to avoid accountability due to their own laziness. The same can be said with education and feeling the need to implement a “wholistic” training program for all your employees. Those who wish to rise, will seek a path, or at least ask for a path. In either case, you won’t win trying to please everyone and it will distract you from why you started the business in the first place.

As the concept of education cannot be expected to miraculously heal inherently stupid minds, excessive consumer education and warnings cannot help those who never do their research, even though it is easier and more available than it’s ever been in history.

It’s good for YOU to be accountable to your own values and aid those YOU feel need assistance. Your business is not you but demands YOU employ logic and strategic thinking so it can thrive. Intermingling your emotional pursuits with the needs of your business is a common prelude to business failure. Aid only those who will wilfully help the business achieve it’s potential, and in return, the business provides them with abundance, value and accountability.

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I couldn’t agree more, I actually needed those words of wisdom. We were recently overwhelmed as we survived an EF4 tornado event, that has added to my concerns and influenced the reaction earlier.
This situation was an 85 year old widow and under the circumstances I responded differently than normal. I’ve been in the Roofing industry going on 20 years, However a business owner for Few years now and it’s been an experience to say the least. I’m eager to provide my customers with the best all around job I can give but it’s not always been easy.
Honestly thank you for that guidance. I needed that